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We're a software engineering company offering technological solutions to the clients' diverse needs

Custom Software

Throughout history, all companies have had their own business vision. This service is for those companies with personality and character, that innovate in their own way.

Technological Consulting

Is it necessary to know everything? We are passionate about technology, computer science and software, and that's why we devote ourselves to improving our skills constantly. If you have an idea and want to make it come true, we'll be by your side helping you make it real.

Digital Transformation

There are times to keep still, and times to change. We currently live in a time where being dynamic pays off, and this is why we work alongside dynamic companies which are willing to undertake digital transformation.

Our Clients

Throughout our history, we've worked with many companies. Here's some of our most outstanding work.


Multi-Country website
Happy Meal website
5K website

Carena Sistemas

Front-End for ERP
Mobile App for stock control and management
Front-End for ERP's HR module


Mobile app for private neighborhoods


Inside-out website
Easter - 2015 website


Development and testing support
Staff Augmentation



About Us

We're a diverse and committed team, which comprises different professional points of view: as engineers, designers and marketing specialists. We take the best of these different views in order to achieve the best results.

Juan Matias Farina

“Juan Matias Farina”
— COO & Founder

Maximiliano Arduh

“Maximiliano E. Arduh”
— CEO & Partner